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Clean air is of paramount importance for maintaining a high quality of life. Greenhouse gases and air pollutants (e.g. CO2, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides etc.) are by-products of various economic activities such as power and heat production, industrial processes and traffic. The use of a high-quality data management system is necessary to determine the current situation and to identify effective and cost-efficient measures to reduce air pollutants and greenhouse gases.With EMIKAT scenarios can be created, saved, calculated, displayed and compared. In this way it is possible to assess the impacts of intended measures and to evaluate their efficiency. For example, emission savings from the promotion of electric mobility or subsidies for renewable energy can be quantified. The new system thus helps to monitor and improve environmental quality and enhances the quality of life.

EMIKAT is a high-quality data management and analysis system which provides detailed emission and energy inventories and enables a sound decision-making to reduce the release of air pollutant. The system can be used to calculate and visualise current and future “what if” scenarios of environmental impact. In this way, for example, important future topics for urban planning such as the effects of global warming or measures for decarbonization can be simulated. It provides a temporally and spatially resolved picture of energy use by end consumers and of air pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions. The system thus allows the analysis of energy use and pollutant emissions for different spatial entities and different time periods.

Data management system for emission inventories




Emission Map

Individual installations are recorded with pinpoint accuracy


Data Slicing

Central administration of data sets on emission-relevant activities


What-If Scenarios

Dynamic & individual queries and direct process integration


Flexible Data Collection

Enables the integration of data from surveys, statistics and models


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Versatile portfolio of services



Full Service

From developing an individual database to maintainance and support – EMIKAT is your provider.


Data Collection

Integrated online survey system to collect information and data directly at the source.



Custom Analysis

EMIKAT as a flexible data management system for emission and energy balances and evaluations.



EMIKAT is also associated with AIT research on environmental data and data processing.


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