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Creating a safe future with Cooperative Digital Technologies

Today, for the first time, we find ourselves at a time in which immense technological progress can enable us to solve the great open problems of mankind. At the same time, global networking, complex infrastructures, huge amounts of data and emerging artificial intelligence are challenging us on an unprecedented scale. The Cooperative Digital Innovations department of the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) is active with technological developments at the focal points of our post-industrial, highly digitalised and networked knowledge society. With open innovation, value-based design thinking for the implementation of exemplary social norms of technology application, and convinced co-creation, exactly those ecosystems can be created that are needed to deal with the problems of the future. The AIT therefore understands innovation as a selection for the good, which makes the central needs of users and demanders of advanced security technologies the irrevocable starting point for every research service.


Our Solutions

From strategic to operative decision-making support, AITs Cooperative Digital Technologies Competence Unit is committed to provide a holistic portfolio for the effective resolution of environment and climate-related matters as well as public safety and civil protection.

The new Public Safety Hub (PSH) platform enables the seamless exchange of information between federated systems of different organizations (both military and civil IT systems). The PSH improves the cooperation of emergency services, volunteer organizations and citizens for the effective management of disasters.

EMIKAT is a high-quality data management and analysis system which provides detailed emission and energy inventories and enables a sound decision-making to reduce the release of air pollutant. The system can be used to calculate and visualise current and future “what if” scenarios of environmental impact.

UWEDAT is a on the basis of many years of operational experience developed sensor solution as a robust but flexible high-performance system that is constantly being expanded with findings from our scientific work. UWEDAT is the only solution that manages the balancing act between a stationary certified “fit for purpose” solution and a modern toolbox that is also open for other industries, other measurement hardware and the integration of area data.