Full Service

EMIKAT is a full service for the provision of an emission platform as a complete solution and includes the installation, operation and maintenance of the data management system as well as data analysis and other support. It  consists of a database server and an application client for the end users. Database tables are organized in an Oracle database system, the manipulation is done by a web-based client program. Server-side all data is organized client specific as well as scenario specific. Access is only granted to authorized users. Depending on their authentication – they will be allowed to manipulate source data, calculation models, to create new versions of scenarios, to run models and to get results. A special challenge respectively task for EMIKAT is the organization of huge and heterogeneous of data and data sets, its processing and documentation. EMIKAT calculates emission amounts on the basis of the smallest administration unit, the regional electoral zones (Subunits of municipalities). In a regional electoral zones each emission quantity is splitted in contribution by branches, SNAP categories and fuel kinds. Emissions of line sources (e.g. traffic) are spltted to the corresponding regional electoral zones. In addition it is also possible to report the results in a raster cell of 100x100m (in Vienna) or in 500x500m for all other districts. In this case the land usage is interpreted to get better results.

Use Case 1: Documenting emissions per source

Background: Statutory provisions require the establishment of an emission inventory, which stores emission data categorised by space, time and  source categories.

Solution: EMIKAT provides spatially resolved information for each sector. The following pollutants are taken into account: 

  • Particulate matter (PM10, PM2.5), carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulphur dioxide (SO2), heavy metals and many other air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions

The following sectors are taken into account:

  • Road traffic, households, industry, trade, infrastructure, nature & agriculture, air traffic, shipping

Use Case 2: Analytical planning and monitoring of emissions/energy target pathways

Background: The regional and national impact of emissions reduction measures is not easy to assess and difficult to plan along a timeline and to monitor for progress.

Solution: EMIKAT offers a ‘what-if’ toolset to compare the effectiveness of potential emission reduction measures. It indicates an appropriate efficient and effective target pathway to reducing energy demand and emission levels within the given financial framework. This target pathway can also be followed over time in emikat.at. This makes it possible to make forecasts for the future and demonstrate progress based on comparisons with previous years.