Technical Components

Geo Gateway, 4th Gen. ("Station PC")Monitoring Network CenterSupportive Tools
RoleAIT has developed a dedicated hardware plus software solution that has perfected the task of reliably collecting & communicating sensor data.The core of UWEDAT is a powerful time series engine that makes distributed data analyzable close to real-time and integrates the collected data with the process and report needs of our clients.UWEDAT supports the work of field experts by integrating into their processes and providing the required supportive tools.

  • 19" format factor to fit common racks

  • Robust and fanless hardware design (field-specific case design, no moving parts)

  • Robust and extensible software platform (on top of Linux)

  • Universal and easy-to-configure sensor driver system (AnySen drivers) to attach common sensors and self-configure protocols

  • FORMULA Query Engine for dynamic data analysis and reporting activities

  • Load balancing using a distributed caching mechanisms that enables the analysis of data over larger time spans with low latency

  • Automatic detection of limit violations and alerting

  • Interoperability with external data sources, e.g., IoT platforms or middleware solutions

  • Pairs with Oracle, Postgres and other databases (incl. self-hosted databases)

  • Data validation

  • Calibration

  • Maintenance

  • Administrative tools

  • Analytical services und applications

Tools also separately available.

  • Usage within the UWEDAT sensor network
  • Our Geo Gateway in the 4. generation can also be paired with external sensor networks.

  • Regular monitoring activities

  • The scalable Java core is designed to handle close-to-real-time application scenarios such as dynamic industry or traffic control

  • Monitoring of safety-critical systems or critical public or private spaces

  • Your use case: as processes differ from organization to organization, we are adaptive - by design!


  • SSD w/ 32GB and ECC

  • Intel Quad Core Prozessor 2GHz

  • Interfaces: 2x Gigabit LAN, 8 serial buses (RS232), 2 CAN buses w/ D-SUB9 as well as USB ports (IMI-CAN-Anbindung), 1x USB 3.0, 1x USB 1.0, Displayport, HDMI, VGA, Optional: 8x IMI-CANs per CAN bus for the collection of analogous measurement data

  • Core system written in Java

  • Distributed Caching-System

  • FORMULA Time Series Engine inkl. FORMULA query language

  • Separation of raw and corrected measurement data

  • Supports Oracle, PostgreSQL und optionally further databases (incl. self-hsoted databases)

  • GUI optimized for field-specific analysis and responsive loading of data